Reviews El Macho

  • Aljaž
    The feeling when you mentally want sex, but physically not, it will remain with me forever. It was so for fear and the humiliation. But I'm glad my wife support me, it help to gather strength and to go to the doctor. Fortunately, the process was completely reversible, and by using drops el macho I am fully recovered their sexual function.
  • Jan
    I started to notice that the erections were weak and did not appear at the instant, as before, and that something has happened, it was necessary to try fairly. In General, it came to the point that the construction had gone right during intercourse, or simply not come. Then I decided to look for some causative agent. Read the drops El Macho natural composition, health and damage that will take, so that this drug has become my ideal, as a doctor I have not consulted. Almost after the first power was the same as in his youth.
  • Sara
    The husband made a remarkable recovery, and more that increases the weight, the less we had sex. At some point the intimacy completely disappeared from our lives. To me this situation did not suit, but the doctor and her husband to go to deny categorically. I decided to visit a specialist, and he advised that I fall El Macho. Thanks to this drug we now have to bed everything is as if yesterday we just got married.
  • David
    I met a new girl, and I enjoyed it so much, that before the first sexual intimacy I experienced as a child. In General, due to this I failed. She gave me a second chance, but, the first failure was all the time in my head, and again nothing happened. I was so nervous in this earth who already dared to try something. In General, I see a specialist. The doctor recommended me the use of the drops el machodue to the fact that I felt like a real man. Now in bed we had no problem.
  • Lara
    I started to notice that her husband was as I avoid intimacy: the beginning, was tired, headache. Well, then I guess what was the matter. Share with friends about our problem, and he told me el macho – your husband was prescribed these drops to the doctor. Well, I bought them and gave to her husband under the guise of a remedy for headaches, when he again came up with a reason for not having sex. Dose I use a double, so that the sex happened in the same night. I told my husband about the drug, and drank a drop of the entire course. And now we are in the bed as the sky!
Reviews El Macho